This is a community for members of the the Wham! Bam! Business Plan! membership. (Formerly BGTT.)

The Wham! Bam! Business Plan!

About Us

This community is the NEW home of for members of "The Blogger's Guide to Traffic" membership!  We started with a small forum in 2017, but quickly realized we needed more than just a chat forum.  We wanted to get to KNOW our members...and allow our members to get to know each other! 

Why You Should Join Us

In addition to the courses and trainings provided to you inside of the membership, I'll be hosting live events, posting membership updates, and curating amazing content from across the internet...all to help you grow your own small business audience! 

With the mobile AND desktop apps available for you to use, you'll be able to easily login into the community anytime to ask course and training questions, request new membership features, or just see (and say) what's up!  This is YOUR community! 

What to Expect

  • Weekly Membership Content Updates
  • Monthly live video events to help you get AND STAY on track. 
  • Amazing articles and online to enhance your learning from around the interwebs. 
  • A chance to connect, make friends, and chat with other business owners LIKE YOU!!  
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